About us

With diverse backgrounds and a shared love for the creation of unrivaled / unique moments, we are specialized in the art of evoking sensations of wonder.
We are a team of fresh and creative professionals who emphatically work together with our clients to imagine, design and deliver original and heartfelt events and experiences inspired by the personality and the soul of any bespoke project.
When it comes to weddings, celebrations, corporate events and travel experiences we would love you to embrace our distinctive vision and elegant approach to breath life to the most beautiful and truthful representation of your dreams.
Elegance and beauty are, for us, intrinsic part of the everyday and our aim is the customer satisfaction and the aesthetic excellence in everything we do.

We will look out for our clients

Our philosophy

To achieve a thriving future, the key is a glorious past.
K/Luxury is born in the heart of Venice, in one of the most beautiful street of the world, the Canal Grande.
The Venetian Doges left us a precious legacy: the art of hospitality, which we want to pursue amusing our guests thanks to our intimate knowledge of Venice and the art of letting our guests enjoy every aspect of this glorious/charming city.
All our services and experiences are deepen in the history and in the culture of our Country, interpreted with a distinguished and fresh approach.
Our mission is to welcome you through an authentic and unique key: the luxury, the K/Luxury.

What we do

K / Luxury is a synonym for exclusive experiences. The strong desire to share with our clients the authenticity and the majestic beauty of our territory is combined with the intention of taking them into a sensorial journey in the name of uncommonness.
That unmistakable sense of wonder that distinguishes our Country together with our knowledge and professionalism will create unforgettable memories for luxurious private moments.
K/Luxury focuses on offering high quality services for referenced clients only. Our aim is to be the trusted partner of our clients, able to satisfy their most visionary desires with the intent of evoking a sense of pleasure from the planning phase to the finalization of their experience.
Our expertise and our commitment are the added value to your event..be at your ease, we will take care of everything!

Sensorial journeys

Memories that don’t fade away but will forever be impressed in your souls/hearts/mind.
Watch out our galleries to get an hint of our style: